March 20, 2007

Booting the bad apples

Posted in NFL and other lesser sports at 3:25 pm by loolar

Don Banks of SI reports on the upcoming decision of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on the conduct of Adam “Pacman” Jones here – and I can’t wait.

The players are finally realizing what a detriment to the game these younger “punks” are. They have no respect for veterans, coaches, fans or the game. I have said for years that I am repulsed by the example pro athletes like Terrell Owens set for youth – and it’s an example that I have to spend laborious hours trying to counteract, both in the classroom and at YMCA summer camp. Like it or not, pro athletes are heroes to youth, particularly to inner city youth who see so few adults in their lives who can teach them acceptable behavior. When they want attention, they see how the pros act, and, surprise, they do the same things.

The NBA has already started to crack down on conduct, and I can’t be happier that the NFL is following suit.

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