March 20, 2007

A blog is born

Posted in Other Stuff at 12:33 pm by loolar

This is it – I’ve joined whatever century this is (21st?) and started a blog.

I have very few illusions about my own importance in the world (just one or two cherished ones), so I won’t advertise this blog as yet. If you stumbled on it, how the hell did you get here? For now, I will use this in the initially conceived manner – a log on the web.

I expect to be writing on, in no particular order:

1. The English language and teaching (I’m an English teacher – brand new last year, 2006, so excuse any grammar foibles – it turns out they’ll let just about anyone have a classroom nowadays).

2. NFL football (and the New England Patriots in particular) and Arena Football (and assorted other sports from time to time).

3. World of Warcrack, er, Warcraft, that is (and the occasional video game observation).

4. Cooking (simple recipes for dumb guys).

5. Hiking/camping/fishing.

6. Music (I expect these observations to be largely irrelevant to the public at large).

7. Toys (Star Wars and Transformers in particular).

8. Health care (or lack thereof).

9. Fatherhood (as of November 24, 2006).

10. Role playing games and rules creation.

11. And a huge section on CUSTOMER SERVICE, or the lack thereof.

In fact, one of the big recurring themes that made me want to start a blog was to have a platform upon which to hurl my impotent vitriol at the corporate schmendricks that mostly make our lives more difficult – in hopes of using the web to reduce the “impotent” part.

With that in mind, on to my next post – the first “on topic” post, whatever that means.


  1. samablog said,

    Can I leave the first comment?

    WOO HOO!!!

  2. Mike Torres said,

    And I’ll leave the 2nd 🙂

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