March 21, 2007

Door checking receipts (WalMart, Costco, Best Buy, Target)

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Since I’m up at this obscene hour with what seems to be my first onset of “hay fever” allergies, I may as well assault you, gentle reader, with another dose of vitriol.

For those who belong to Costco, the following scenario is commonplace and recognizable.  Unfortunately, it seems to have made it to WalMart, Best Buy, and Target.

You go to the checkout with your cart full of consumerist booty.  Items are scanned, bagged, and ultimately, purchased.  You thank the cashier, load the bags back into your cart, and head for the door – but wait!  Here to block your progress is some prepubescent teen or kindly septuagenarian brandishing a highlighter like Obi-Wan has just introduced them to the Force.  And they don’t want to know how long you’ve owned these droids.  Nope, they’re here to…

Mark your receipt.  They will make a cursory examination of your cart, check your receipt, and then expertly apply a colored slash.  As if a five second inspection is actually going to correlate the contents of my cart to my receipt?

This is a ridiculous circus of a policy.  Oh, of course you’ll hear technical sounding terms like “loss prevention” and “shrinkage oversight,” but honestly, this is a feeble show that provides no actual enforcement against theft – but immeasurable big-ass boatloads of aggravation to the 99% of customers who actually paid for their purchases.

To use the same metaphor as my earlier post on customer service, this is like gun control – it mostly punishes those who obey the rules.

Now I can see posting someone at the entrance to stop would-be pilferers from leaving “out through the in door.”  I can even see posting someone at the registers just to observe customers who might “accidentally” slip the latest issue of the Weekly World News into one of their shopping bags.

However, subjecting customers to TSA inspired inspections of pointlessness is an indignity and annoyance.  It’s plainly obvious to both the customer and the poor sap assigned to the duty that they aren’t remotely able to actually match my receipt to what’s in my cart.  And when even the Emperor notices he’s naked, it’s time to dump the policy.



  1. Kris Kelso said,

    I believe I have asolution tot his problem. At least for men. Put beautiful women at the doors and make them cavity check to leave the store. This would make it bearable.

  2. Donna Carsten said,

    I was going to respond and found myself in the midst of a TSA stupidity rant — so I guess I need to start a blog as well….

  3. David said,

    I feel the same. I don’t like having to prove that I haven’t committed a crime everytime I leave a store. It appears as if once again we have lost a little bit of our personel rights.

    Does anyone know just how far the employee can go to prevet you from leaving?

    • Dawn said,

      My husband and I were at costco today and to my suprise my husband told the two checkers he refused to show them the reciept. I was mortified ! I could not believe he would be so rude to these poor seniors. What happened next was crazy, a manager came to our car and ask to see the reciept. My husband first declined but I told him to show it and he did. The manager put a mark on our membership and said he would cancell it if there were any more problems. I was very upset at my husband and now I see there are more people that feel this way. BTY we just spenr over 500.00

      • Larry said,

        Dawn, these people are crossing the line, little by little and in every area of our life there are more and more regulations put in place to control our every move..the people behind these big corps. are desperate to create sheeple every where..making people feel like criminals so they will not cause them any problems when they attempt their takeover..don’t be a sheeple and you have committed no crime so don’t allow anyone, ever to search what you have purchased..

      • Common Sense said,

        So many people here miss the points about Costco obstructing your exit, requiring you to provide your property to them to deface, then inventorying your belongings, then after they are satisfied, they permit you to exit their store. All of this needs to be tested in both criminal and civil court.

        If you permit someone to breach your rights under the Bill of Rights in The Constitution, what other human and civil rights are you willing to lose and why do you complain about people who want to retain their human and civil rights?

        The part about Costco eliminating your membership unless you permit them top breach your rights under the 4th Amendment is a throwback to the challenges faced in earlier civil rights battles.

        I’m now planning to visit a Costco in Japan in my next trip there and see if Costco attempts to search the belongings of Japanese as they exit. In Japan, this is calling the person a criminal and a severe breach of culture. Japan is mono-cultural.

  4. Mag said,

    I refused to show mine at Walmart just yesterday 04/14/07 when the man at the door argued with me after I told him that I did not have to and said he had to do it. I told him it was illegal and he persisted. I do not know how he finally got a hold of my receipt, but he did, and put the colored slash on it. I was angry and knew I was in the right. I walked out of the store to find myself turning right back around into it. I asked for the manager…on vacation. I got a substitute manager. I asked why receipts where checked. Store policy was the answer. I explained that I was told it was illegal. She said it was what the employees were told to do and that they could lose their jobs if they didn’t. She went so far to compare it to Sams. You agree to inspection with the membership at sams, which you sign. This is not so at Walmart. You don’t have to show your receipt. They cannot do anything to you if you refuse. If ever put in my situation. Hold on to your receipt. I hear Walmart policy is only to pursue you to only 10 feet from the door.

    Here is something else I found on the net and a link:

    Thanks for sharing your story of Best Buy door nazis. I was also a victim
    of this today, the Best Buy security refuse to let me leave the store unless
    I showed him my receipt and PHYSICALLY BLOCKED ME FROM LEAVING. Told him I
    did not have to present a receipt and asked for a manager… showed the
    manager my police ID… and told him that the next time anyone does that,
    they’ll be in handcuffs for violation of California Penal Code section 236,
    False Imprisonment. I recommend all your readers do the same. They have no
    legal right to force you to show a receipt.

    In retrospect, I should of called the police and said that I was being held
    against my will… and that I wanted the security guard to be arrested.

    • John said,

      Costco checks receipts because it would be very easy for someone to purchase their items and then take them to the car and then walk back into the store and pick up the same items and walk out with them as if they were the originally purchased items. That is why they mark the receipts.

      Also, next time you complain about the minor inconvience of having to stop for a few seconds to allow the process to take place think to yourself about how many times you complained about higher prices.

      How much shoplifting costs you is directly related to your profit margin. For example, if you have a 10% profit margin, and someone steals a $2.00 item, you will have to sell $20.00 in merchandise to make up for that loss. Some stores have very low profit margins, and suffer greatly because of shoplifting. Grocery stores often have profit margins of around 1%. If someone shoplifts steaks worth $7.00, the store must sell goods worth $700.00 to recover the loss. It’s easy to see how out-of-control shoplifting can quickly threaten the viability of your business.

      The store has a membership agreement. If you don’t like the process then why join? They are just trying to keep their prices low for the consumer. So next time you have to show your receipt I suggest you thank the person doing it.

      • john bell said,

        Sorry but your explanation does not make sense. If you went back into the store with the original receipt and pickup the same items, you would have to go through the checkout – what are you going to say, here is my receipt for these items, even though you have not gone through the cash yet. I do not think so.

      • Joey said,

        No, you are wrong. Shrinkage has nothing to do with it. These faceless coporations are conditioning you to give up your rights. These are items that belong to the purchaser. If WalletMart cannot catch the theives inside the store, that’s their problem. You are a sheep, ba ba ba.

      • Holy Cow said,

        Unbelievable, people still dont get it. The only people they are harassing are the ones that have obyed the law to begin with. How many shoplifters do you really believe that the receipt checker has caught. They have no right to detain you for not showing them your receipt, at that point it is none of their business what you have, it belongs to you. I just keep walking.

      • Rafael said,

        Well… there are CCTV, electronic labels, RF detector, and over all, a better pay to employee, because COSTCO concern is not about $2.00 as you mention but about the cashier in combination with some friends stealing more valuable thing.
        Second the person at the door have no idea of the price charged so COSTCO is lying when claim that is protecting us, the cashier is not entering the price is the barcode and yes, we need to ensure that COSTCO is not charging us more as some time they do.
        BTW I join COSTCO When was Price Club, we had no problem with them.

    • steve said,

      Thank you. I bought one item from Wal mart and asked why I needed to show the receipt. He said it was new. I said you are rude. Costco does it. I said I might not shop here any more. He told me to shut up and please don’t come back. I came back and told the manager. I will not show my receipt any more. Thanks again. Steve

      • Kevin Holt said,

        If you don’t like their rules…. do use their store…simples…

  5. ady said,

    they have no right to detain you and they can only see the receipt if you ALLOW them to. i love messing with them and look really supscious as i walk out with a small item. i usually jusy ignore them and make them walk outside. then i say “no”. one guy once held me by the arm…i gave him my craziest “look” he backed off then took down my plate number. i didn’t steal anything so i have nothing to worry about. my girl hates going shopping with me. lol

    • Rich said,

      I did the exact same thing today. My wife was pissed.

  6. Although I’ve never liked it, I used to put up with receipt checking until a recent experience at Lowe’s, which is no longer on my list of available retailers as a result. I bought a handful of cleaners and light bulbs (admittedly highly pilferable, high-value items every shoplifter at the top of his game is after), which I paid for at the U-scan, under the watchful eye of not one but two employees. Not more than 25-feet away, a third employee, who watched me the entire distance from the U-scan, stopped me and asked to see my receipt. Her rationale? “It’s store policy to randomly stop people.” I asked for the manager and she asked me to wait, which I did (wonder what would have happened if I’d “run for it…”).

    That’s the last receipt I’ll be showing anyone absent a charge of retail fraud they’re willing to call the police on. I believe receipt checking is part of the “culture of submission” engendered by 9-11. It includes millions of people taking their shoes off at the airport, queues of people waiting to go through a metal detector to see the Liberty Bell when (at the time, spring of 2002) “terrorists” were held at bay by temporary fencing like they use around the kiddie rides at the fair, and the latest no more than 3 ounces of liquids. We should not accept authorities (public or private) being suspicious of the law-abiding, rule-following majority. “Feel good” policies that have no tangible purpose.

    I’m not proposing anyone break the law. And I’m not advocating anyone take action without knowing their rights on the sturdiness of the ground on which they’re standing. Some places, like Sam’s Club and Costco, have receipt checking as part of their membership agreement. Your recourse is to stop shopping there. But for other retailers, politely (it’s not the fault of the guy on the door) declining the receipt check and expressing your dissatisfaction with store and corporate management seems like the right thing to do.

  7. Oldtech said,

    I joined Costco. They check my receipt. I put LiveCDroms into the demo computers and show the public how great GNU/Linux and BSD really are.

    I hand out the free LiveCDs to everyone. We are all known to each other.
    The door check folks have a weird job to do, and a low wage for it.

    They are all my friends, and I don’t want them to lose their jobs!
    Last month a gang of bad dudes ran into the entrance, smashed the expensive jewelry cases, grabbed about $30,000 worth of diamonds, and ran out the door, in about 3 minutes.

    I really can vouch for my poor friends who check your receipt being totally not trained nor capable, of being a security guard! One of them is in a wheelchair, three have weak backs or permanent disabilities that prevent them running, or struggling with anyone.

    I am 60, retired Air Force, (Tactical Air Command, 12 years), so it was like being in the Army, living in the field, carrying a pack, rifle, gear…
    I avoid confrontations, take photos, and only fight for hills I am ready to die for.

    The entire disagreement is really about the fake national crisis caused by 19 heathen idiots from Saudi Arabia and environs. Our government is budgeting almost $600Billion and guess where a lot of that money will end up? In the hands of elected officials friends in business.

    Follow the money, and only fight for hills upon which you can make a moral statement with your death. There lies honor.

  8. Jeff Herrold said,

    Thanks for the comment Oldtech. I agree with the sentiment, and I certainly never disrespect the poor bloke whose job it is to check my receipt. Technically, it is within the membership agreement at Costco – but there is no legal agreement – implicit or explicit – which allows WalMart, Lowe’s, Best Buy, etc. to check your receipt.

    It’s “Security Theater,” a show put on with the express purpose of trying to deter thieves.

    Well, guess what – they’re not going to hide their goods in a bag, they’ll stick them down their pants. Secondly, the “enforcement” is so ridiculous as to be contemptible – when I am subject to a search ten feet after the register, by an employee who watched me check out? Forget it. Or when they only glance at the receipt and give it a stripe, without verifying the actual purchases? What’s the point, again?

    • I don’t think checking the receipt prevents shoplifting;it is simply to verify that the customer is leaving the store with purchased items. The person checking the receipt is simply doing their job. Why be impolite? You can simply smile and walk out without showing your receipt. If you are restrained from leaving the store, you can sue for false imprisonment!

  9. Falcon said,

    Just had a receipt check commotion at a local WalMart. They really get upset when you refuse – I asked why and the securtity guy about came unglued. Immediately called for a manager, which was going to be my next request. I simply wanted to see if he knew why he was checking receipts and to confirm with him that it was not required.

    I calmly explained that this practice is illegal. With much ado (2 managers and three checkers), they finally “let” me leave. I mentioned that detaining me illegally is not a good idea, either.

    I understand the shoplifting issue that they face, but when there is a mob being held up at the door, I simply don’t want my day taken up with another line.

    Anyway, probably easier to show the receipt, but principles do count. I’m not willing to give up my civil rights so easily.

  10. Joe said,

    It’s not illegal, it’s just voluntary. It helps reduce loss, to keep you prices lower.

    • dalehendon said,

      Yeah Joe
      We have heard all that socialist b/s. I am not part of a prolitariate shopping spree. I do it for me with my Constitutional rights to privacy attached. So get out of my way or I will make you pay!

      If the store has a probem with pilferring I suggest they figure a way to solve that problem without making a customer regret shopping there. Which is worse no customers or pilfering. If it is pilferring then you have bigger problems than you can deal with.

      • what said,

        What in the world did anything Joe said have to do with socialism? Most words have actual meanings, and you should be familiar with them before you use them, otherwise you sound like an idiot.

  11. nic said,

    Joe must work for Wal-Mart. All you have to do is when you walk out the door, in a nice calm voice say “no thank you”. They will let you pass.

  12. NYer said,

    I had mispalced my recipt today on the way out the door at Costco.

    I politely told the gal I lost it…she said I have to go back to CS & get a new one printed out & I said no i dont…i already waited on line to pay for my items..

    She says I have to call the manager…I respondedc “you call whoever you have to but do you see that door right there? I am walking right out side of it!

    Have a nice day…

  13. Christian said,

    I am a California police officer and a 20 year veteran. I am field supervisor and I have been called to Costco, Best Buy and other merchants that check receipts when customers refused to show their receipts. I was amazed that some of these store managers were ignorant of the law and a few believed that their store policy was the law and that I was required to enforce it.

    I explained to the store managers that their store policies do not supercede California law (PC 490.5 (f)1) or the California or United States Constitution and anyone can refuse to be searched unless they (merchant) have PROBABLE CAUSE that the person or persons have committed a theft. Merchants can ask a customer to show a receipt but there is no duty for the customer to comply and he or she is within their rights to refuse to show a receipt or have their property searched. I have not seen anyone get detained by force but I am sure it will happen one day and it may lead to an arrest or arrests of employees.

    I am aware the merchants use the pretext that it is use to deter shoplifting but the excuse is weak as employees are more likely to steal from them. I have no issues with merchants that ask to see a receipt but when they demand to see a receipt or search someone’s property they could be looking at civil or criminal liability if they have an employee(s) that poorly trained or believe that store policy is the law. My advice is to those who refuse to show their receipts is to remain calm, say “No thank you, and walk away. If you are physically restrained or threatened with bodily harm call the police or sheriff and insist on a criminal report or an arrest. Your next action would be a consultation with an attorney.

    To merchants please train your employees to say, May I see your receipt and if a customer refuses let him or her go and say thank you. It’s not worth the civil or criminal liability that you place yourselves in when you have poorly trained employees including store managers.

    Competition is the key to lower prices and people that believe in ” Thou shall not steal” will lower prices further. My two cents worth and I don’t show my receipt either as I don’t follow the herd.

    • mike said,

      Unfortunatly i was assulted for this very same instance. What happend to customer service? The goal for any company is groth, this is achevied by customer service and good product. It appears after groth the rest goes out the window???

    • This was the best answer that I read here!

  14. xxs said,

    Well said Christian

    Thank you

  15. Andy said,

    As far as civil liability goes, I think that a colorable claim for false imprisonment can be made IF you are precluded from leaving by physical obstruction (employee stands in your way), makes threates of violence or duress (“we’ll call the police”), or by force itself. The problem is that, at least in California, a false arrest must be for an appreciable length of time. There isn’t any hard and fast time limit (i.e. minimum of 15 minutes or 1 hour). However, if you refuse, the employee calls the manager, you argue with the manager for a minute and they you exit, you may have difficulty convincing a judge that your imprisonment lasted for an appreciable length of time.

    If an employee touches you, that would likely constitute a battery and would probably be actionable, regardless of the length of time of the imprisonment.

    It would be interesting if the receipt checkers of a particular company were to reveal that the company policy was not voluntary and that the employee was instructed and expected to INSIST upon examining the receipt. If the policy is truly voluntary, and the law does not allow more, I could envision some class action by employees against an employer for a policy which requires employees to INSIST.

  16. RJI said,

    What a silly little post. Of course the kid is not checking every item. However, I can pretty much assure you that if you have a large item in the bottom rack of the cart he will make sure the clerk got it. Also, if you have an item in your cart that costs in excess of $100.00 by itself he will double check to make sure it matches.

    This is such a small price to pay for the value you get shopping at these places. Really, get a life. If this is what ticks you off with all the crap going on around you in the world then your life must be in pretty neat order. Seriously, stop your whinning and step away from the computer.

    • William said,

      RJI :
      It’s a shame you don’t understand the concepts being discussed here. Perhaps if you get up out of the easy chair in front of the television and actually read a bit about the ideals upon which this country is based, you’ll be more able in the future to contribute to the discussion in a manner which doesn’t make you appear to be an ass.


    • Joey said,

      “Small price to pay”. Well genius, I’ve already paid for my items and last time I checked, I’m not receiving dividen checks from Walletmart. Your asinine post speaks volumes about how you’ll be the first to give up freedom to anyone with an air of authority. Now it’s time for you to go graze on the meadow.

      • LA said,

        And sheep like you contribute to the problem of losing our freedoms piece by piece. No wonder the reciept checkers have a shocked look on thier faces when I don’t comply. This policy would end If a majority would object to it. I take it personal. I’m not a shoplifter and highly object to being treated like one. It’s not as much about the inconvenience as it is the bigger picture….giving up your rights! The United States would not exist at all if our founding fathers were compliant sheep all too willing to roll over belly-up.

  17. Sniper said,

    I actually have been in a situation at my local walmart, that involved the bag checker grabbing my arm because I refused to show her my reciept and what was in my bag. I called the police, made a police report, 12 other customers held waiting to exit the store also contributed to the report as witnesses. When the police got around to the manager’s story, he lied and told the officers that he didn’t know what was going on, (the customers and I assured the officer he knew I was grabbed)and that he didn’t train the employees to grab anyone like that. The officer took the manager asside to explain the mark on my arm. It became clear to me the manager knew about me being grabbed ,but also that the manager didn’t train employees to do so. The employee was terminated on the spot. I could’ve taken the case further, but seeing this 58 yr old woman getting fired on the spot was pleasing, plus the manager gave me a $500.00 gift card the next day. The item in the bag a box of condums, yep a mans pride sure can be rewarding in more ways than one.

    • J said,

      I hope that if you are ever fired, you are humiliated too. Karma is real… what goes around comes around.

      • kristi said,

        Are you kidding! Leave a mark on my arm and yoiu are so getting charges filed and sued!!! What is wrong with you?!?!

  18. Earl Eggleston said,

    OK how about the people who push bikes out the door when asked for a receipt, or people who have thousands of dollars worth of electronics in their basket and refuse to stop—-it costs us all in higher prices—if you don’t want to show your receipt, pay higher prices—-if your not stealing whats the big deal???? Come on you guys be realistic, someone pays the price for missing stolen goods, and if you don’t want it to be you, SHOW YOUR RECEIPT!!!!!

    • Mike said,

      It ticks me off to get stopped by the Wal-Mart nazis because I dont steal. The employees steal more than shoplifters!! MANY former employees have told me that!

    • Joey said,

      You’re a moronic sheep. So do you volunteer your receipt even when not asked? Bet not, so can it and go graze.

    • dalehendon said,

      you cite facts not in evidence,
      you make conclusion without facts
      How much higher a price should I pay Earl in order to not be subject to the Nazi and keep my Constitutional freedoms as I pass through those guarded portals?
      Give me a figure Earl.

      By the way I loved your sitcom “Earl”

      • DAM71 said,

        To Earl and All others,
        Has anyone noticed that most if not all high priced items have a built in security strip in them? If you did want to steal it, you would first have to get the darn thing opened without being seen, then remove all the packaging without being seen to even dispose of the strip. So… if the buzzer doesn’t go off (signaling that I have an item with an activated strip) at the door, I am not showing my receipt. Thanks to All of you fight for our right to speak.

  19. NJ said,

    I have been refusing receipt checks for several years. I haven’t been physically touched yet but when I am, a battery warrant will be taken.

    Here are a few techniques that I use when I’m feeling frisky and have a little time to burn.

    When one of the gate gestapos asks for your receipt, let ’em see it but don’t let ’em stop with the normal cursory glance. Insist that every single item be removed from the bag and compared with the receipt. And insist that a printed price guide be produced so that scanning and mis-pricing errors may be detected. Once, when I got a very smart-mouthed manager, I insisted that we walk the isles to verify that the scanned prices matched the shelf prices.

    After all that checking is done, wheel the cart over to customer service and return everything. Be sure to check off each item as it is scanned for the refund to make sure no mistakes are made. Try to take as much time as you can to maximally muck up the works.

    Then, if you REALLY want to mess with their minds, go buy everything all over again. If you use a shopping list, that won’t take long.

    If you have a friend along, video record the encounter. (takes some pre-planning, of course.) Write up the incident in the form of a press release and send it, along with a copy of the video to all the local media. You don’t have to be a big corporate type to send out a press release. If you’re lucky, they’ll pick up on the story and run with it.

    A related Wallyworld peeve is not having enough check-out lanes open to handle the crowd. I refuse to stand more than 2-deep or for more than 5 minutes in line. If either of my “Policies” is violated then I wheel the cart to the door checker and tell him that I’m abandoning my purchases because of the store’s failure to open enough check-out lines. Then I walk out.

    I used to just walk out but I decided that the message wasn’t delivered clearly enough. So now I make sure that I tell someone, normally the gate gestapo, what I’m doing and why.

  20. vic said,

    If you don’t like the policy don’t shop at Walmart. There is nothing to worry if you did not steal anything at the store. I don’t complain if they check my bag in the airport, Disneyland, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and immigration. I don’t complain too if they check my reciept at Sams, Costco, and Bestbuy.

    Walmart helps thousand of employees and if they loss lots of items in the store they have to lay off some employees, that is why, they want to protect their stores. Every store has the right to make their own policy.

  21. Sean said,

    Several people wrote, essentially, “if you haven’t stolen anything, why is it a bother” or “bag searches are a small price to pay for discount prices at these stores because someone would have to pay the cost of theft otherwise.”

    Our nation has been reduced to a prison of desperate idiot shoppers. We are no longer citizens, but “consumers” seeking a bargain. Personal rights, privacy, dignity, these are things of the past that anyone below the top 0.05% of income earners will trade for a low interest rate credit card.

    Most Americans are heavily indebted, fat, SUV-driving shopaholics seeking their next zero rate balance transfer credit card fix. We increasingly live in isolation where we drive from a sea of anonymous tract houses to big box retailers in strip malls. There is no community, no familiarity, no reference point other than the television and advertisements. The only way you see someone you know is if you make an appointment and drive 10 or 30 miles. The only regular relationship you have is one-on-one with the Man – the TV, radio, billboard, ad machine.

    Bag searches are just another step down the path we inexorably travel: the one to hyperslavery. “But how could it be slavery when we have all of these great products at incredibly low prices!?!?!?!” After the Civil War, many slaves returned to their masters and their plantations because they simply didn’t know what else to do. Slavery is a state of mind where your freedom and dignity are less important than your material well being. Freedom, dignity, privacy – these words are today nothing more than hollow slogans used for politics and advertising. No American knows what the words freedom, dignity, or privacy mean. No American knows how important each is to the other.

    Americans know the specs of all sorts of great products — even ones they will never buy because they’ve seen the commercial. Americans know what the monthly payment is to “buy” one of those things. Slavery by trick is a less expensive and safer racket to run than using outright force. You’d be surprised how psychologically-based earlier forms of slavery were. They only make them seem forced-based in the history books. They all involved insinuating slave mentality, which is the mentality we are cultivating here today.
    “Isn’t working on the plantation a small price to pay for having a comfortable place to live, food to eat, never having to worry about where the next meal’s going to come from?”

    Wake up.

  22. Will said,

    WOW, talk about paranoia!!! Sean you got to get some help! But you did make some serious points, it was just difficult to get passed all the propaganda.

    What you refer to slavery, I refer to as simple laziness. Its the “whats the harm” mentality. Whats the harm in showing my receipt turns into whats the harm in letting them check my pockets, to whats the harm in a full cavity search.

    Its an unfortunate state of being that we are in. As long as we do not perceive it as personally affecting us, then there is “no harm”, As a result we get things like the door Nazis, traffic cameras, police checkpoints, the patriot act, and gated communities. We give up pounds of freedom for ounces of perception.

    So what should people do about the door Nazis? There is not one solution, but being submissive to being guilty before proven innocent is simply not American, no matter what pennies you save.

    Personally, I choose to simply say no thank-you, in a calm loud strong voice. Not because I do not want to show my receipt, but simply because its none of their business to look at it. As far as preventing theft, it would take quite the foolish thief to show their receipt while they have stolen goods in their bags. They too, would simply say no thank you. Hence, the only people getting checked are those that are not stealing.

    That does beg the question as to why do the stores even bother checking them? Maybe they count on ignorance and the gullibility of thieves. My understanding is that its really to cut down on the employee cashier only pretending to scan high price items for co-conspirators. Maybe thats just the kind of people they hire. Pretty sad in my opinion when a company thinks so little of their employees.

    My personal method for jousting at this particular windmill is to simply convince friends and family not to do it and hope they are able to convince others as a result. It took about 2 years for me to convince my brother and sister and I think I am the verge of convincing this snooty lawyer friend of becoming a little more American. This is how I became free of the door nazi, a good friend and I were shopping at Fryes and while I was dutifully waiting in queue to prove my innocence to the people who just took my money, he walked straight out without a word, so I did to, and wow, what a feeling.

    BTW, Costco made you sign that you will show your receipt, not let them search your bags.

    Pass on the freedom folks.

  23. curoco said,

    It’s simple really…don’t stop and don’t let them check your bag/cart or whatever. Once you pay for the items, the BELONG TO YOU. They are your personal property and fall under “unreasonable search” laws. The door checker at Walmart does not have the authority to check anything…and HE KNOWS IT. If you decline, he will let you pass without harassment. Stores like SAMS and COSTCO are membership stores…you signed a contract to join, and in the small print it says that you will get your cart checked…deal with it or quit. Unless there is a sign posted stating that by shopping at the store you give consent to be searched…keep walking, there is nothing they can do.

    • AnHonestMan said,

      “Unless there is a sign posted stating that by shopping at the store you give consent to be searched…keep walking, there is nothing they can do.”

      Those signs are a load of crap. The ONLY way I give consent to being searched is by saying to you that I give you consent to search me. YOU putting a sign on a wall is not ME giving consent to anything.

  24. ed said,

    I think most of you miss a very important point…You went to the store, they didnt force you to go. I get tired listening to people cry about stores..their prices are too high, the person checking me out at the register dosnt care about me, they dont carry the brand I have to have, THEY CHECK MY RECEIPT AT THE DOOR. dont like it….go some where else you dumb a#*. thats your right. trust me the guy at the door dosnt care about you, he cares about his job that feeds his family. So when the manager says check receipts he does, also Im sure he dosnt want to check your bums for stolen tv’s.

  25. JP said,

    okay so check this out.
    as far as Costco goes, people who are members at the store signed the form to have their merchandise checked. You must show your receipt. In reply to the idiot that lost her receipt, tough luck. You should of got the reciept reprinted. They can block your membership card and/or terminate your membership for that. Also, there have been a handful of times when I was shopping at Costco and the cashier double charged me for some things because he/she was keying the number on the upc instead of scanning it. The people at the front door caught it everytime so to you people that say “they’re accusing me,” and “oh, my rights feel so violated” they’re doing a service for you by finding things that you have been overcharged for. Lets not forget spending tens of thousands of dollars at costco does not make you a better member, and complaining about someone checking your receipt, and bringing up the fact that you do, makes you a douce. i can see how other department stores dont have the right to check your reciept, but as far as costco goes, you paid and signed the agreement. if you dont like it, quit. Im sure they wouldn’t care if you did. One less idiot consumer

    • dalehendon said,

      Jp, “cavaet emptor” buyer be ware

      I check my receipts when I get home. If I have been overcharged I take it back when covienient and almost always they adjust. I have never had the idiot who checks receipts find anything amiss and I doubt you have either.

    • Xavier J. said,

      Here’s a tricky situation I ran into. I purchased alcohol at Costco – Only alcohol. NOT using a membership card because you don’t need one for Pharmacy or Alcohol purchases.

      So I never agreed to their membership conditions of checking a receipt.

      Upon leaving I played their game and waited in line to get my receipt looked at. But since I didn’t have a cart (only two bottles of wine in hand) I was overlooked and the receipt checker did not only the person behind me, but the person behind them before I said “Fuck this!” and I walked out the door. Only to be told “Um… Excuseeeee me!”

      At which point I got into it with them. I never agreed to the receipt membership contract. I don’t need to wait.

  26. An American said,

    For those that have replied to just go along with it and don’t make a fuss, or if you don’t like it don’t shop there, and those that say it’s a small price to pay to keep theft down, my answer is will you please remove your head out of your butt and wake up!

    Do you like the implication that you are being profiled as a shoplifter? Grouped into the mass and then like some little child on a playground being told to line up at the door and get your nose wiped.

    To the few that refuse, the few that have remembered they live in the United State where millions have died for the constitution, bill of rights, the freedoms and just plain common sense, a hearty atta-boy to you all.

    I don’t know California law as to what constitutes an arrest, but I do know Ohio’s Law and what they are doing and it matters not if it takes an hour, a minute or a second, once you are stopped from making egress from a place of business or structure, by an owner, employee or agent of said establishment, they have by law, arrested you.

    Before becoming a police officer I worked loss prevention and the one thing that used to be pounded into staff was if you aren’t 100″ positive someone has stolen something, let them go. Even if you saw them put it under whatever, if you lose sight for a fraction of a second, let them go! Why? Because if they got rid of it and you go ahead and stop them from going past the last point to purchase items, that you have in fact arrested them and if nothing is found you and the store are liable for civil action, your ow3n arrest for false arrest, and a world of hurt in the courts.

    So far I haven’t pushed the point, but after today and a rather snobby old woman that takes her job way to serious, I look forward to my nest trip to a store that is on American soil, and is open to the public, so I’ll damn well go there when and if I want, and I can only hope that some lackey, following their job duties, illegally or not, takes a hold of my arm to stop me as I smile and walk my American tail out the door with my receipt in my pocket. My next hope is that the members of the jury won’t be a bunch of sheep as so many that have replied to this are.

    Stand up and either man up or woman up you idiots, this is your America that’s being taken away a receipt at a time and a let them do it, it’s no big deal at a time as well.

  27. TARGET SUCKS said,



    D. EAS Alarm Response
    If an EAS alarm sounds, the uniformed TPS shall follow the procedures outlined below. If a uniformed TPS is not available, the LOD, GSTL or  ETL-AP shall follow the outlined procedures; other team members are not permitted to respond to EAS alarms.
    1. Guests with visible purchases:
    a. Approach guest and conduct merchandise receipt check to verify purchases and deactivation of EAS tags.
         1.        If you find the item on the receipt, deactivate the item and allow the guest to leave.
         2.        If the item is not on the receipt, ask the guest if they would like to purchase the item.
         3.        If the guest does not have, or cannot find a receipt, ask the guest which cashier rang up their purchase and verify with the cashier. If the purchase cannot be verified, contact another AP team member for assistance.
         4.        Searches of a subject’s personal possessions (example: purse) for evidence (merchandise) is not allowed unless the subject initiates the search or requests an AP team member to inspect their possessions.
    NOTE: If the guest becomes uncooperative, allow the guest to leave. Obtain a description of the guest and guest’s vehicle and enter it in CIRS.
    2. Guest with NO visible purchases:

    a. Approach guest and conduct merchandise receipt check to verify purchases and deactivation of EAS tags.
         1.        If the guest does not have any purchases, ask if they have an electronic key – if so ask to see it.
         2.        Ask if guest has merchandise from another store – if so ask if they would like it deactivated.
         3.        If the guest does not have merchandise or an electronic key, allow them to leave the store.
         4.        If guest shows you Target merchandise that has not been paid for, ask if they would like to purchase the merchandise and allow them to purchase the item(s). If the guest refuses to purchase the item, ask for the merchandise back.
         5.        Searches of a subject’s personal possessions (example: purse) for evidence (merchandise) is not allowed unless the subject initiates the search or requests an AP team member to inspect their possessions.
    NOTE: If the guest becomes uncooperative, allow the guest to leave. Obtain a description of the guest and guest’s vehicle and enter it in CIRS.

  28. Joe said,

    It amazes me how some comments are stating that we should just show the receipt. To just ignore the fact that we are having to prove that we did not commit a crime.

    Its simply astonishing how so many, for the sake of convenience, disregard the fact that our most basic rights as Americans are being taken away.

    Look, its the stores responsibility to prove a crime was committed, not for you to prove your not a criminal.

  29. […] use the self-checkouts and pack my own bags. They might even prove useful at Costco, but due to the exit inspection procedure, maybe […]

  30. Ken Milligan said,

    30 years police retired. Everyone go to “California Codes” on the Web. Read 490.5 of the Penal Code. Section F 1 states that you CAN BE detained by the store to prove rightful purchase. Court cases have held that means between the last point of sale and the exit. The People Greeter and the store is within their legal right to check that receipt and is not unlawful. The only items that they are checking is what is not bagged and may have been missed by the checkers. Everyone must feel that it is against them. Not so as long as you have a receipt. The only items that I have found missing from the receipts were on the bottom and was missed by everyone. But the ones that I have found that would not show a receipt has turned into stealing. Some upwards of $1000. Also turned over to the Police. When I ask for a receipt for an unbagged item or two, the line out is held up for several seconds. Those that do not show the receipt may be held for 10 or 15 minutes or until they show the receipt. You may leave by the other door but the items will remain in the store until a receipt shows purchase. This is California State law in the Penal Code.

    Also do not show me a Badge. Unless you are working or making an arrest you can not use the color of your badge to try an put someone down. This is unlawful and against the federal laws.

  31. doug said,

    Ken Milligan,
    Penal code 490.5 section F1 does not state that at all. IT says something about probable cause, but nowhere doe “state” “you CAN BE detained by the store to prove rightful purchase”.

    (f) (1) A merchant may detain a person for a reasonable time for
    the purpose of conducting an investigation in a reasonable manner
    whenever the merchant has probable cause to believe the person to be
    detained is attempting to unlawfully take or has unlawfully taken
    merchandise from the merchant’s premises.
    A theater owner may detain a person for a reasonable time for the
    purpose of conducting an investigation in a reasonable manner
    whenever the theater owner has probable cause to believe the person
    to be detained is attempting to operate a video recording device
    within the premises of a motion picture theater without the authority
    of the owner of the theater.
    A person employed by a library facility may detain a person for a
    reasonable time for the purpose of conducting an investigation in a
    reasonable manner whenever the person employed by a library facility
    has probable cause to believe the person to be detained is attempting
    to unlawfully remove or has unlawfully removed books or library
    materials from the premises of the library facility.

  32. Dyan Wooton said,

    If you don’t like the policy….quit complaining and don’t spend your money there.
    That was easy.

  33. Dayton Enns said,

    I work for costco and somewhat agree with what you are saying here, the door checkers look for the things on the bottom of the cart which may have been missed, also they check for any coupons the cashier may have also missed, I discover missed coupons all the time and the response from the customer is always the same…”wow you guys actually do serve a purpose” and we do…serve a purpose.

    • Alan Kieler said,

      You have got to be kidding me. With the long lines to exit, there is no way in HELL any one person is checking every purchased item against a receipt AND determining if a coupon could have been used. THEY MAKE A MARK ACROSS THE RECEIPT WITH A MARKER!!!! What possible use could that be?

  34. Tom O'Neill said,

    Think about this from another direction. When the checkers mark the receipt aren’t they making themself someone who could attest that no theft has occured or been attempted?
    Assuming this is reasonable, I wonder if the checkers realize what they’re doing when they sign off on the receipt.
    Perhaps we should be putting the checkers name on the receipt and thanking them for being a witness.

  35. Will said,

    Ken Milligan,
    From your writing, its obvious to me at least that you are not a retired leo, but someone who is simply trying to use the color of authority to convince some teenager or other easily duped person reading this blog that the forced unwarranted search of someones property is somehow lawful. This is America pal.

  36. Ms Anne Thorpe said,

    @ Ken Milligan FAIL!

    I implore people to refuse this corporate slavery tactic. You still have the right to privacy, people, use it or lose it. Do not stop when receipts are requested at the door. Do not stop when door alarms activate. If these people block your way to exit, they are kidnapping you(in my state), so press charges. All entrance ways should have CCTV cameras. There is your evidence of the unlawful detention. Use it! BE FREE!

  37. No Thanks said,

    I think we need to organize a day in which we all go to our local Wal-Marts and refuse to show our receipts. I have some non-violent, perfectly legal plans regarding the methods to do this, but I want to leave it open for discussion in this forum before I type everything out. Otherwise I would have just wasted everyone’s time.

    The plan is very thourough, and involves getting more people involved than just those in this forum. The only thing that would be required of anyone wishing to participate is that they do something they have all proven they can do:

    1. Shop at Wal-Mart on a set day
    2. Carry a slip of paper
    3. Use a computer

    The beauty is that everyone involved may remain anonymous if they wish.

    Like I said though, I want to leave all of this up for a public discussion. We will need to organize into a loose, nationwide, online group that people in this forum that wish to participate in will name. I for one propose the name “No Thanks”. I propose this name because in most forums and online content the words “No Thanks” are used when a customer describes the way they dealt with receipt checkers.

    I hope to see your posts on this matter, because I am sure many of you will agree with me when I say the time for Wal-Mart’s intimidation of it’s honest customers and the customer’s subsequent complaining in half-buried online forums is over. It is time to act.

    This is our chance people, this is our chance to reach beyond our local boundaries and right into Wal-Mart’s corporate headquarters. We all know that our complaints are silenced beyond the local manager…that is IF they even get that far. Wal-Mart cannot ignore all of us acting in unison.

  38. Chris said,

    My ma always gets pissed when she’s stopped for a receipt check, but only because she thinks she’s being singled-out. She’s extremely pacifist though, and wouldn’t say anything, even when I told her that she didn’t have to do it. She just puts up…
    But I turned out to be her evil spawn, apparently. When I ignore them and speak my mind I “embarrass” her.
    I can understand why they would do it, though. It’s not a “slavery” thing, it’s a scare tactic. It’s the same thing with the door alarms and the like. While I don’t mind them using these tactics to avoid monetary loss, I cannot approve of the people who work there… They should know it’s against the law to force someone to show a receipt; it’s common sense. I live in a big city, and this Wal-Mart still somehow manages to find the dumbest, close-minded, single-thought-processing, low lifes I’ve ever seen…
    ACTUALLY, now that I think about it, the smaller Wal-Mart around here has some pretty smart and nice people. I guess it’s just the superstore that I have problems with.

    Also, I wonder if it’s true women still get paid less than men at this store.
    Maybe WalMart thinks it makes the laws around here lol.

    peace out,

  39. Will said,

    Lets take your argument a step further. Here in America we have laws. Our laws trump whatever policy the store may have. By doing business in America you automatically agree to adhere to its laws. If the stores do not like it, nobody is forcing them to do business in the United States. Laws protecting people from unreasonable searches exist to because this is America, where we value the freedom of the individual over pennies gained or lost at a corporation. Freaking out because your American customer does not want to show a receipt is a huge indicator that you do not value the American way.

  40. William said,

    It has occurred to me that in order not to be put in the position of having my integrity questioned every time I leave a store that engages in this policy, I will from now on demand that my receipt be checked immediately at the cash register, and will refuse to move along until this has been done.

    I apologize in advance to my fellow innocent shoppers for the delay, but in order to protect against the theft of my reputation, you must all suffer this slight inconvenience.


  41. Bourne's Style said,

    A lot of you guys don’t know what you’re talking about!!!

    If you VOLUNTARILY show your receipt- it makes it perfectly LEGAL for any associate to inspect your items.

    “Oh its illegal in California…or Illegal search and procedure- whatever!” In my company no customer is forced to do anything. The authorities would have abolished this particular policy over 20 decades ago.

    It sounds like a bunch of you babies are hippies that have no respect for store policy or have any sound knowledge of what the law is. Quit confusing your ignorance as law.

    Yeah- truth hurts…Deal with it!

  42. Jon said,

    My post on Facebook tonight concerning how disgruntled I am w/my shopping experience at a Lowes today (Chalmette, La) has started this search on the Internet for other like-minded individuals who refuse to produce “papers” upon exiting a retailer proving that they have committed no crime.

    From what I gathered here the answer is: no – there is no legal repercussions for not showing a receipt although I’ve read some horror stories tonight of others where a polite, “no, thank you… ” was not enough to get them through the exit doors w/the items in question.

    Whether or not it’s legal for a store employee (or rent-a-cop) to detain you seems to be pretty obvious that it is indeed not legal and, quite frankly, un-American.

    One of the points that I’d like to respond to is w/those who side w/the policies of the stores and that is that we should just comply or, my favorite, it’s our choice to shop there. While of course no one is forcing me to shop there, but what I would like to point out is that no one is forcing Walmart or a Lowes or any other such business to conduct business in the first place! These companies are not government companies that are made to sell goods to the public.

    There is a certain amount of risk that a company must assume when they conduct business w/the public or is “Open to the Public.” Violating my civil rights to protect your bottom-line is not my problem. If you can’t afford to do business anymore due to “loss” or fail put in place the proper preventative measures and technologies than pack-up. Don’t harass me – the one that’s keeping you in a job and patronizing your company. These companies are not hurting though. Matter-of-fact, I’d love to see real numbers showing if there has been any reduction of loss since these new policies have crept up.

    The whole argument that it’s a private retailer and blah, blah, blah is bogus for if it weren’t for the public these companies wouldn’t make a profit.

    My question is: where does it stop or, a better question, how much are we going to take? If they approached you while you were loading your groceries in your car and asked you to remove them from your trunk or vehicle to prove that what you’re loading matches your receipt, would that be over the line? What if they followed you home and asked you in your driveway? I know you’re thinking that that’s ridiculous, but that’s kinda’ the point – how much are we going to give?

    I read on another blog which raised a good point that what if the shoes you are wearing are the very same ones they sell in their store – should the burden be on you to prove that they were purchased prior and that you indeed worn them in and they in fact do belong to you? What about your underwear, hmmm?

    My complaint is two parts: 1) I hate being asked for the receipt b/c of it’s inherent evil (too extreme?). I hate that we’ve come this far in society and the audacity of a billion dollar company to put the interest of its stock holders on my shoulders, or in my private, purchased grocery bag.

    2) I’m not upset w/the ‘receipt checker’ directly or personally. I know that they’re doing their job and make probably less that $10 an hour. I agree that they have every right to ASK to see my receipt as a private company. I am upset though if they go beyond their bounds of requesting to see it and take measures in their own hands and what upsets me the MOST is that the company they work for would even request and create this position in the first place and put me in this situation to either go along w/the herd or be a rebel and create unwanted attention.

    Is it too much to ask to just get out off a store w/my items and not have my shopping experience extend beyond the cash registers?

  43. Jimmy said,

    I am 53 and have shopped at all of these stores thousands of times for years and had my receipt checked maybe only 4 or 5 times! Whoop-ti-do! I don’t act suspicious when leaving a store. I don’t have a pre-determined mind-set to aggravate that innocent and un-trained clerk at the exit door. It’s not their fault. I suspect from what I read, most of you deserve to be detained because you go into the store with an attitude of making that clerk or supervsiors’ life a living hell. These are your fellow country-persons. When they tell me “have a good day”, I look at them with kindness and tell them the same. They are my neighbors even if I don’t know them personally. I don’t look suspicious. I look “OK” and don’t need my bags checked. In America we help each other find solutions to problems so we can protect each other and property (life), and keep OUR freedoms (liberty for all), and live harmoniously together (pursuit of happiness), without everyone getting sued, or fired, or grabbed. All I read here is a bunch of sue-happy Californians. How about some real solutions from you people? I doubt you have any because your are, at least, from California the state that the rest of us in America know is where the biggest complainers arise. Is there not anyone there wise enough to act in a helpful manner? So I will take some positive recourse and will actually print all of these blogs and will take the time to write a hand-written personal letter and snail-mail them to the President and Board of Directors of each store listed. Most of the people who can make the changes don’t read these posts, but they will read a old fashioned personal letter requesting they take a more positive approach to customer service at the exit doors. Why must “we” sue and threaten? Why not inform and ask first. Hey – if you don’t trust the leadership of the stores where you shop to own the integrity it takes to listen to your concerns and take appropriate action to resolve them, then you are free to shop elsewhere. Your antagonistic approach to those clerks and supervisors may border on intimidation, tort or libel, so don’t get yourself in trouble for a “cause” when there are better ways to change these stores policies. Stop your complaining and do something positive besides antagonize and threaten to sue. And stop calling the police to the store because you got your feelings hurt – they have real crooks to capture!

    • Alan Kieler said,

      I am asked for a receipt, even though I do not go into a store “looking suspicious” or pre-disposed for trouble. I go shopping with my wife and 3 kids, and get detained when I lost my receipt (yes, from the time I purchased my items to the time I reached the door, I lost my receipt) and had to go back in to prove my innocence by finding the clerk who checked me out.

  44. John said,

    First of all, it is a person’s RIGHT to refuse to show their receipt to a Wal-Mart employee. An employee cannot not detain you for simply not showing your receipt to them. If they do physically detain you, and turns out that you purchased your items, you have a right to sue them for unlawful detention; and if they hit you – assault and battery.

    Even if it was Walt Mart’s policy to show your receipt before leaving, you or anyone did not sign an agreement to their policy. Even after you purchase something, your receipt does not say you agreed to be searched before exiting the store…

  45. kristen said,

    Here it is in a nut shell…… once you have paid for YOUR items, they belong to YOU, not the store. You have no obligation to show them your items, or receipt any more than they have a right to look through your purse or wallet of items you also own. You simply say to them, “Do you suspect me of shoplifting?” if they say yes, you ask them to call the police. If they say no, then you leave. That simple. It is an invation of privacy, illegal and the fact that they have loss prevention issues should not reflect on me in the way of a major inconvenience. So there!

  46. Miss Lynn said,


    I’m a lady of 50 and Im here to say “Shame on you! ” *wags her finger* Sir… I have you know … I do NOT go into a store looking for trouble. Noe sir, do I sue just anyone but… I did have a horrid time with being stopped in Walmart which is how I found this site. I shall explain my incident.

    I went to the store with my mother in law age 67. I went to pick up Dog food and a few personal items such as Depends, Bed Pads ad a few other small items. I then went to the check out fast lane as I was in a hurry to get home and do my bills. I was paying with a WalMart Credit card but it didn’t seem to want to go through at the check out lane so the called a CSR. We went to the customer service area to get the issue resolved which was bothersome but acceptable. After ringing everything in my cart up 3 separate times the lady managed to get the purchase to go through. I then decides to get a gift card on that card while in the store so I didn’t have issues at the gas pump while the lady was here who knew my problem. Bless her heart she did that quickly. while she was ringing up the second purchase of the gift card I absentmindedly dropped my original receipt in to a very very cluttered purse. the 2nd receipt I kept in my hand with the gift card and my credit card. then proceeded to leave. (My mother in law had already left and was going to meet me at the car). I went directly to the exit!

    I was stopped and asked for my receipt. I handed the lady the receipt for the gift card ..forgetting about the first one. They of course didnt see the item in the cart on it. I looked in my purse and couldn’t find the other one. They started looking in my bags I told them it wasn’t in those it was handed to me and I had misplaced it not to bother the bags .. which they seemed to ignore. They asked what lane I had been in. I told them I had been checked out in Customer service.

    A CSR came up.. wrong lady! I stepped a few steps back to see if I could spot the correct one in the isle and I was fussed at. I was getting aggitated Im have severe nerve problems I asked to step outside. They allowed that as long as I left my items with them.

    after a few minutes to calm down I returned and asked them if they had figured out yet I was NOT a thief. The lady replied that they didnt think I was a thief. I then said .. then why cant I leave? she said because we need to see your receipt . I said why? no reply

    I started to get a bit dizzy (I forgot to mention .. a bout 8 weeks earlier I had a stress induced heart attack) I saw a bench so I went to go sit down. thing started to get fuzzy. I didnt quite make it to the bench. I collapsed. My head hit the bench instead as I fell. apparently I wasn’t out long. My mother in law had come on looking for me and saw me fall. I femember seeing her when I woke up but not as I fell. She said I was only down a moment or 2.

    When I woke up my chest hurt it had hurt as I went down as well. I had forgotten my nirto pills on my desk so I asked mom if she had brought hers. she left hers at home as well. I then told mom to call the police and have then decide what to do with the purchases as I needed medical attention. I was then told I couldn’t leave till they saw a receipt. At that moment my life became worth less then the items in that cart.

    Mom had my purse and had been looking through it to fin either the reciept of any nitro I may have forgotten I had. She found the receipt! I was allowed to leave but I could have died or at best has a heart attack.

    This store didnt call police to pres charges on me nor call help for me. they could have caused my death! I only wanted a few items and do go home and could have died!

    Whats is wrong with this world?

    Now sir.. I am not in any way looking for trouble nor was I. I am a nice lady in the last half of her life who wishes simply to live in quietly. What would you do?

  47. And now we have full-body scanners and “enhanced” pat downs before we can fly. But only at some airports, so what’s the point?

  48. Gendo Ikari said,

    If only the outrage and civil disobedience about checking receipts didn’t spill over to the airlines.

    I guess you big, tough guys who know “yer rights” are proud to stand up and defend them when the challenger is a 73 year old man with a highlighter. When that Government agent with a few assault rifles as backup asks you to disrobe and spread your asscheeks for an up-close-and-personal inspection, well… that’s just the price of freedum.

    And you really don’t want to miss that flight.

  49. Kid. said,

    Okay, you guys have the customers point-of-view when we check your receipt. Now, let me take my time to explain and cover my side of the story.

    First off, main goal of us checking the receipt is to make sure that the transaction is ACCURATE and you get the low price possible while providing FAST and FRIENDLY service. The reason why this is important is because the employees at the door know more about the store than you (customer). Believe it or not at least once a day I get 5 to 15 recoveries (catches; like over-rings, non-rings, under-rings, etc.). Sometimes you was probably overcharged without you even knowing it. And if we are so useless why do Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Fry’s Electronics still do it.

    Maybe with your situation with five(5) items obviously appears pointless. But when you buy twenty (20) or so items. How do you know the cashier scanned everything correctly? How do you know they are not having a bad day and tired from working 12 hours shift? How do you know they are paying attention? What if they accidentally charged you twice for one of those items? Think about it and tell me it’s useless because like I said I catch a minimum of 5 mistakes the cashiers make and that’s only for one person (me).

    As for the gentleman saying that why do we get so mad when you guys refuse is because we are people too. And sometimes when we are just trying to do OUR JOB/LIVING/MONEY. You guys get mad at us and sometimes when someone says something uncalled for just because you ask for a receipt, it ruins your whole day. And WE ARE PEOPLE TOO AND WE HAVE FEELINGS. When you just keep walking and says unnecessary stuff it’s what we consider “RUDE!” It’s very insulting and would make us HATE our job. If you just take 5 to 30 seconds of your time and let us do our job then it will be okay. Most of you are just ***TOO OVERLY SENSITIVE***

    Also, most stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, Fry’s Electronics, DON’T do RANDOM check. They are fair enough and checks EVERYONE that purchase something with a receipt in hand. And it’s pretty much common sense. In our eyes we are just checking receipts, in your eyes you think that we think that you are stealing. IF WE THINK THAT YOU ARE STEALING WE WILL CHECK YOUR PURSE/BAGS, POCKETS, SHOES, ETC. We would not just check a receipt and a bag.

    Like what a officer said on top by now 2011 most associate on some store are trained to say “May I see your receipt please?” You can simply say “No, thank you.” And we will be glad and say “No problem and have a good day” with a =).

    Hope everything is covered.

    • AnHonestMan said,

      Nonsense. If I left the cashier, I’m ALREADY satisfied that the transaction was correct. Perfectly correct? Maybe not, but close enough that I don’t care. You are doing me no service by insisting on checking again. You’re wasting my time and making me feel like a suspected thief, and I hate, hate, hate, hate that.

      When I keep walking and sometimes say unnecessary stuff, it’s because I’ve had to deal with too many of your professional brethren who are straight up a$$holes when all I want to do is take my property which I already paid for and leave. You get them to act nice, and I’ll be all nice when I decline to prove to you that I’m not a thief.

  50. Kid. said,

    Like what Jimmy said we are people too and fellow americans. By us asking for a receipt doesn’t necessary mean we think you are stealing. Not in our mind AT ALL.

    ****We make sure you have your receipt and find it before you leave so if there is anything wrong with the item you purchase you have a receipt to return or exchange it.***

    If anything the Loss Prevention Officers know who’s stealing before they get out the door and handcuffs them. We are very very very careful on not making false accusation of any customer stealing. WE MAKE SURE first.

    So please if you are reading this stop being so negative and so sensitive when we check receipts. Noticed when we have frowns is because of people with bad attitude towards us.

    • LBRTYorDEATH said,

      I’m going to carry pepper spray from now on to defend myself from receipt checkers that overstep the law and touch my person or possessions . . . and handcuffs to make a citizens arrest following the assault.

  51. Xavier J. said,

    Wow, some really lame excuses going on there.

    1.) It’s for your own safety that we make sure you get the lowest price…

    Bull to the shit. You seriously telling me that grandpa with the eye problems greeting and checking receipts at the door knows the prices of all the items in the store and knows the constant sales?

    2. It’s so we make sure you didn’t lose your receipt from the cashier to the door in case you need to return it.

    HAHAHAHA. Thanks, I’m a big kid, I don’t need to have someone change my pants for me as well.

    I also don’t consider door greeter/receipt inspector a valid career. Did you actually go to college for that?

    I do admit that just having someone standing at the door like that does deter shoplifters to some degree.

    But considering that the highest amount of theft stores report is done by the poorly paid/disgruntle employees, perhaps you should focus your attention on them.

    You know what gives the store employees with the sorry task of checking receipts a bad name? Those few bad eggs that use it as a means to have some sort of power trip.

    Yes, don’t tell me that you haven’t ran across that one or two receipt checkers who has no otherwise control of their life in any other area, but by god, he’s the door master. To get home with YOUR PROPERTY YOU PAID FOR, you have to go through him….

    The receipt inspecting Nazi. And he’ll hold you up. I don’t think that saying “I racially profile everyone! Not just the Mexicans” is going to win you any favors. So saying “We indiscriminately check every receipt” is just equally as stupid.

    You want to prevent me from being over charged or charged twice for something? TRAIN YOUR CASHIERS BETTER and have a better customer service department so that if I catch it, I can bring it back and not be treated like a criminal.

    By providing door checkers you’re basically saying two things

    1.) We think you are stealing something
    2.) We don’t have any faith in our cashiers doing their job properly.

  52. I hate when they do this!!

  53. A lady almost tackled my husband who was pushing the cart to stop us from walking out! I told her it is against the law and she laughed!! I couldn’t help but to call her a B word but come on, I am pregnant and not willing to deal with dumb people. I nicely told her the receipt was in the depths of my purse. She literally threw herself in front of the cart. I may have been dressed in jammies and looking a little low-class, but she clearly underestimated my intelligence. I was a second away from calling the manager, but my husband was mad at me for my profanities anyways and I didn’t want to upset my fetus lol

  54. Magnificent items from you, man. I’ve take note your stuff prior to and you’re just too great. I actually like what you have bought right here, really like what you are saying and the way in which through which you assert it. You are making it entertaining and you continue to care for to stay it smart. I cant wait to learn far more from you. That is actually a wonderful website.

  55. I'll quit shipping there if it continues said,

    I hate this arrest situation and it is a violation of freedom to say the least!

  56. Green Martian said,

    I just suffered this receipt check indignity last night despite the fact that I was certainly the only shopper in the store at the time. I try not to shop at Walmart, mostly because it’s a giant, depressing, disorganized circle of hell, but it was late and other stores were closed. They just got their final $29.41 from me. I won’t be rolling back any time soon.
    Walmart now officially joins Best Buy on my list of stores that don’t merit my business. (I haven’t returned to Best Buy since, years ago, they found it necessary to escort me and the camera chip I wanted to the cash register, lest I make a break for it.)
    There are no goons to harass me at, so I will shift yet more of my shopping online.

  57. Doug said,

    I understand the argument that it only takes a few seconds, however I get irritated with Costco because they will let the receipt check line back up to a point where it takes 5 minutes or longer to even get out of the store. This even after waiting like cattle in their lines for the register. I have bypassed the Lemmings before to which the lady asked to see my receipt and I replied “no thank you”, and kept walking. I only had like 3 items in my hand at the time and I was late for work. Absolutely ridiculous!

  58. M Steese said,

    I stroll by the greeter at Wal Mart every week while she says “sir,sir,sir. I need your receipt” I go to Wal Mart because the prices are reasonable. I dodge heards of children pushing a cart that almost only has three casters that work. I then wait in line at a store with thirty check out lines. Maybe one fourth of them are open. I do not wait again to show my reciept as I have waited in line to pay for them. I am not rude,I am not a thief. I am an American with the right to be presumed innocent.

    • AnHonestMan said,

      I love that “I need” line. Why am I expected to give a damn what you need, dear door nazi? You are the employee. I am the customer. Let’s talk about what I need, which is this set of items I just paid for, and you out of my way.

  59. Kevin said,

    Is it that hard to just show your receipt that you just got 10 seconds ago? What is going to happen to me because those civil rights of mine are violated? The door checkers are just usually people who need money but are too old to get other jobs. Is it necessary to be rude to them? Honestly, how would you feel if you were them? I don’t know anyone that works for a store, but I still feel sympathy for the people who check receipts at the door. They are just doing their jobs, which they probably don’t enjoy because of some people. If you have a problem with the policy, contact the store directly by phone or something, instead of creating a scene at the door. I personally never saw anyone refuse to show their receipts at the door at any store, but now I am aware that there are such people.
    Just think, how much are you being violated by showing your receipt? And is it worth ruining those poor people’s days?

    • Kevin said,

      And really, you just get the receipt from the cashier, hold it in your hand until you get to the door, and just show it to them, and put it away. Not hard at all.

  60. H said,

    I have never had a problem showing my receipt because I don’t steal. I get frustrated with the people who make a big deal out of it and hold up the line. Just show your receipt and get on with your day. There are much more important issues in the world to be concerned with. If you need a positive reason to show your receipt, just remember you are helping to deter theft, which keeps the prices in a store down. You are also helping to employee people. If all stores checked receipts there would be be much more jobs available. In this economy jobs are hard to find. So, support your community and simply show your receipt.

  61. $Profit$ and BS said,

    Really sad to read some of these comments, like – “Don’t make a fuss. Just do what they ask.” That applies to so many things now days. And the B.S. about it being for the customers benefit. That’s a good one!

    It’s all about $Profit$. The inconvienence and intrusion on customers dignity/freedom is a calculated cost to benefit ratio (for a business). If most people will put up with a physical search or a rape-scan as they leave, and that is cheaper for the business to implement than better inventory control or better employee/checker training or more employees, they’ll intrude on the customer. Not all businesses, but most would.

    Like almost everything, it’s all about $Profit$. Any customer savings is secondary to that.

    But it’s really no big deal as long as we get bread and circus (and airplane rides).

  62. H. Riv said,

    Customers who refuse to present receipts at door exits do not understand that large packages such as TV, electronics, etc can be walked out of stores easily without being paid for. It is done to deter store losses not to stop it. Stores make up monies lost to shoplifters after their periodic inventories by adding a percentage to mark up prices to all products due to thefts. The store will not lose profits and innocent you and potential shoplifters will lose out upon future purchases. Allow quick proofs
    of your purchases and everyone will be happy,

    • jearbear said,

      “…large packages such as TV, electronics, etc can be walked out of stores easily without being paid for.”

      Why doesn’t Walcorp shell out the funds to protect their own shit? Sounds like a corporate problem to me. Either way, I ain’t forkin over my rights. Store policy doesn’t supercede the law. Teavana just opened a store in the Middle East. Teavana is an American store with an American dress-code Policy store policy which states female employees can dress however they want. Saudi Arbian Sharia law says women must wear an abaya (covers the entire body except the face) regardless of her fashions chosen underneath. Does Teavana policy supercede Sharia Law? I can guarantee a whipping in the street and the store being closed/burned to the ground it does not. Comply with the local laws as agreed before opening in that location or suffer regional fines. In the same regard, Walmart and any other store opening in a U.S. region has to cooperate with local governing laws of that state and that district. Otherwise, that company gets sued and fined for breaking U.S. law in the form of rewarding the plaintiff. Wal-Mart isn’t a private piece of seceded land with their own laws and guidelines. It’s a corporate store that sits on a federally-owned-and-taxed piece of U.S. commercial realty. If they don’t like it, fucking leave. I shop where the fuck I want and I leave unfucking hassled. I only shop there. I have nothing to do with their corporate infrastructure. The United States law states I am free of uneasonable search and seizure. Everywhere in the U.S. In Ohio, if someone stops you from leaving somewhere against their will, it is governed as kidnapping whether it’s on private property or public property, in a store, or in a school, or a in 7-11 parking lot. Wal-Mart isn’t above the law. Where do they get that? Bitch please. It’s time to shut this shit down, and I know exactly how to do it. Hmph.

  63. Vindication said,

    Gun control does not punish anyone who follows the rules. That’s a fallacy. How do I know? Because I own guns and I follow the rules and so far, not one issue about gun control has punished me or mine.

  64. JRG said,

    The Justice Dept. In Washington DC threatens Walmart with anti-trust violations if they don’t change their unfair business practices, which was the best thing to ever happen to WallyWorld bcuz after years of jacking up prices following big brothers warning, Walmart became the first company in history to excede $500,000,000,000 in sales for fiscal year 2014/15..:That’s a # that is so gigantic, it really is a lot harder to comprehend then most people would realize.. With that said, these pricks have the audacity to check receipts as u walk out!! I guess when it comes to stealing, WallyWorld DOES NOT WANT THE COMPETITION!!!!!

  65. Mitchell Bly said,

    Mitchell Bly, I encountered this illegal procedure at my local walmart today for my first time and my instinct was to tell them to fuck off which I promptly did and proceeded on my way not to be accosted and we reentered the same store an hour later and the same minion asked if we had any returns even though we had nothing in our hands that would have been visible and my response was the same as on my last exit which was fuck off and proceeded on my new journey for probiotics and fruit cake.

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