May 21, 2007

Pure Evil Entertainment

Posted in Movies at 8:34 pm by loolar

From the shameless plug division…

Two friends and I are starting some shorts with a mind toward YouTube distribution (and eventually world domination).  We’ve started a name (must brand!), and I’m sure cafe xpress merchandise won’t be far behind.  Oh, and we actually have content.  Here’s our first “release,” a short I wrote and directed a few years back.  Thanks for views, and more importantly, for forwarding to friends.


YouTube allows you to subscribe to directors to be notified of new posts – and trust me, for better or worse, there will be new posts.



  1. Drew said,

    I’m sure it is going to be great! I’ve posted a link that might help provide you with some “inspirato”, I think Kelso would also want it themed this way as well.


  2. David said,

    Please refrain from using the name Pure Evil Entertainment. We are the original Pure Evil Entertainment. we have been around since April 18, 2007. Check out our podcast at

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