March 4, 2008

Warcraft – The Main Assist

Posted in Role Playing Games, World of Warcrack at 10:42 am by loolar

I’ve been doing a lot of World of Warcraft reading lately, and I’ve decided that I should pass along things that might be helpful. I know this may not be of interest to many of you, so I will tag these posts Warcraft, and if you’re not a player, feel free to skip them.

This post comes from The Egotistical Priest, a blog concerned with the priest role – however, this post is about the concept of a Main Assist – basically, a dps role who picks which target to melt down while the tank is controlling general aggro. By definition, the tank should never be the MA, since they will be rotating targets to keep aggro. Even better in this post, however, is clarifying how to pick your MA, a very simple macro (two words) to help you help the MA, and why using raid markers isn’t enough.

Last night, it took us forever to down Hydromancer Thespia in Heroic Steamvaults – a good ten wipes – before we finally started dispelling her blasted lung debuff and cyclone (and came up with this without checking Thottbot – we were proud). Anyway, we were having problems before that, and largely because we were not focusing our dps the way that Ego describes. Give this post a read – if you’re raiding or doing heroics, you really need a new level of coordination.

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