March 27, 2008

Walmart – Save More. Live Better. Be Heartless.

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UPDATE: Walmart has apparently dropped its claim – and points to online blogs and petitions as helping them to, “step back and look at a situation in a different way.”

CNN reports on how Walmart has decided to exercise their right to reclaim damages awarded to Debbie Shank as a result of her successful suit, in order to repay their health care expenditures used to care for Debbie since her accident.

I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to pay a cent or two more to make sure people like Debbie are cared for. Thing is, with 90 billion in quarterly revenue, we’d be paying more like a hundredth of a cent more. While Walmart is within their rights to claim this money, the question is, why would they? Can they truly be that heartless? Is this the health care system we want, when the businesses mandated to support the health care of employees must act as opportunist predators to “keep costs down”?

I find this contemptible – and I’m pretty sure the fault does not belong solely to Walmart. Our obsession with bringing down prices in our lives must yield a weakness somewhere. You can’t get something for nothing as our entitlement-hungry society seems eager to forget. Sooner or later, someone has to pay. This time, it was Debbie Shank.

March 4, 2008

Online Piracy – or smart promotion?

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Stumbled on this link awhile ago and forgot to share it.  Great post about the new “digital” model being basically an extension of the library and free promotion model.  In my experience, people who really like things will ultimately want to own them; and giving your product away to build word of mouth can be much more successful than spending tons on advertising.  But this guy says it better…

April 17, 2007

Pacman & Henry SUSPENDED

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Consequences for your actions?  What an amazing concept!

Adam “Pacman”Jones and Chris Henry were suspended – Jones for the entire 2007 NFL season (16 games), and Henry for a half season (8 games) – for multiple run-ins with the law outside their NFL careers.

Read the whole report by ESPN here.

I must admit the cynical lawyer-hater in me doubts both of these will stick – I wonder if Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t mete out such unprecedented punishment knowing that the appeals process would pare them down by half.  That said, NFL Player’s Association rep Gene Upshaw has publicly supported the call for harsh punishment for the last few months; it would be a profound loss of credibility to an otherwise credible guy for him to backpedal now.  And if Gene won’t support these boobs in their appeal process, well, who will?  I mean, besides the aforementioned pointless members of society (lawyers).

Boy, this has me in great spirits.  Now imagine if record labels would enforce similar suspensions to their hip-hop thug “talent” for similar anti-social and sociopathic behaviors?  Ahh, paradise.