I live in Southern California with my wife and son and dog (and I rate last on that list). I am a career changer who has just begun teaching in the last year (high school English, LA Unified School District).  Interests include, in no particular order, NFL & Arena Football, the decline of customer service in our so-called service economy, roleplaying games and rules discussion, camping & hiking, music, movie/film industry, World of Warcraft, teaching and the English language (riveting stuff, I know), cooking, politics, and anything else I get my filthy paws on, as a damn dirty ape.  I have the heart of a critic – I know exactly what is wrong with things, but often lack the talent to do it better. I suppose I ought to enter politics.


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  1. Misha Veloz-Wiessmann said,

    Just checking to see if this is the same Jeff Herrold who used to live in
    Boss-ton and used to love Return of the Jedi and reruns of “The Tick,” SPOON!!!!

    If so, curious to see how you are. If this is you, drop me a line.


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